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Yet again we have come to another time for big decisions. As you might know, I recently split my DirectAdmin offering in to two brands. The original SmallWeb, and it’s bigger brother HostQuality. This idea came upon me late last year when I launched a project called “Cloud2Z”. Obviously, it needed a better name.

The idea of HostQuality was to offer more for a wider audience. What you couldn’t get on SmallWeb, you could get on HostQuality. However, in retrospect, even though I still believe having this seperate brand could target a whole new market I feel it is better for me and my customers that I stick to the one brand: SmallWeb.

SmallWeb is my baby, and I would like to put my full attention (when it comes to the hosting world) in to it. I don’t want to opt to support the higher paying customers when those that helped me start my company are there waiting for me. I am very lucky that brand #2 was only recently launched, otherwise this decision could have caused a great deal of harm and fuss.

So, in essense: HostQuality will redirect to SmallWeb. All DirectAdmin hosting offerings will be through SmallWeb. I will do my best to try and implement similar plans for those that need it, without having a whole seperate client portal. When another brand comes, it will be another service. (i.e SmallVPS – soon tm).

If you’ve watched me launch and re-launch, I’m sorry for the back and forth. I hope to keep growing what we have built.

Thanks very much for reading.

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